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February 25, 2011
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Big Butt Asshley by bigbellys Big Butt Asshley by bigbellys
I remember seeing pictures of Asshley, on bigcuties many years ago, and i saw some pictures of her recently, and she's got HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...almost 200lbs Huger than last time i saw her...
I believe she had weight loss surgery and lost hundreds of pounds at some point, but then she went back to binging and gained it all back "and then some" (as she says)

I liked my bigcutie sasha comparison picture (that i uploaded a while ago) and wanted to do another comparison - it was hard to find two reference pictures of asshley in the same pose, and these two completely different weight, so i just had to make do.

Im happy with how it came out - i think she looks better with the weight on - after her weight loss surgery her skin looked all saggy, like - but i think she's filled it all out again :D
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i like the drawings also. being a ssbbbw [big bodied beauty] i like us betrayed beautiful. usually we are eating and looking like a slob.
i do enjoy the different vision [likes and dislikes] though/ in the future would you draw something for me? please add me as a friend
im new here and havent figure it out. please and thanks
Just go to my profile and send me a note telling me what you'd like me to draw. I'll see what I can do.
ok i will thank you very much
Hot . . . I don't even know who that is
Very well done and I agree!
Hmmm I know why you did Sasha for this as she has a huge and very sexy belly but I'll admit Asshley is sort of out of the blue from you, she doesn't have the biggest belly for her size. Yet I really like this, her body shape and size really suit you're art style. The curves on her legs are really well shown in the drawing and the comparison is really dramatic.
I hope these aren't the only ones you'll do.
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